Does Weed Help Improve Your Concentration and Creativity?

Weed has many therapeutic properties; from relieving insomnia to nervous disorders, anxiety and appetite loss, it is used to treat a number of conditions. While THC is known to trigger psychoactive effects and create a cerebral high, it’s little known whether it can improve focus and concentration and how it does so. Concentration, creativity and productivity are said to go hand-in-hand. Can cannabis help in that direction?

Some believe that cannabis can increase creativity, so consuming cannabis before you start to paint, brainstorming or compose can get your creative juices flowing, resulting in out-of-the-box ideas. Marijuana is said to help you unwind and open up the mind which allows you to come up with more creative ideas. Others believe that creative people are drawn to weed. A study in the journal Consciousness and Cognitions endorses the latter but ironically, weed consumers outperformed non-consumers. However, the reason has been attributed to personality traits, not weed consumption.

This conclusion was derived from a study on personality traits conducted on a group of 979 undergraduate students who were assessed for their creativity and concentration level after cannabis consumption in two separate tests – one on divergent thinking (elaborate problem solving skills) and the other on convergent thinking (instant answers through multiple choice questions).

Cannabis consumers were found to outperform non-users on convergent thinking. This was attributed largely to letting down their guard after cannabis consumption, which opened them to greater clarity in answers. Convergent thinking skills included flight of imagination, heightened sensitivity, greater tolerance, acceptance, increased perception and interest in more diverse experiences.

A neurologist at the Massachusetts General Hospital and a professor at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Alice Weaver Flaherty, further explained that marijuana is a stimulant that boosts output of all kinds. However, enhanced creativity really depends on the skills and personality of the artist. Essentially, cannabis helps them calm down, reduce anxiousness and in the process, aid creativity as the brain relaxes more.

Strains that Reduce Boosts Calmness
The cannabis strain that is said to induce higher levels of concentration is sativa while indica produces a more psychoactive high. The best time to use sativa is said to be in the daytime before you start the task. However, studies also said that productivity decreases with increasing consumption. Marijuana appeared to improve concentration and creativity when used in regulated amounts.

Top v3 Strains that Boost Concentration
Now comes the question: what are the best strains to boost concentration and focus? Here are some of the best strains for the purpose:

Sour Diesel
This sativa dominant strain combines 70% sativa genetics and 30% indica. It allows you to be relaxed without losing focus, sharpening your thoughts.

OG Kush
Born from a blend of Chemdawg, Lemon Thai and Pakistani Kush strains, OG Kush is indica-dominant featuring 75% indica genetics and 25% sativa genetics. It induces a higher degree of calmness and relaxation.

Green Punch
This is said to be the best of both worlds – energetic Green Crack and indica-dominant Purple Punch that induces a deep level of relaxation while driving focus and creativity.

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