Vaping vs Smoking Cannabis

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Vaping is increasingly scoring over smoking marijuana for several reasons. One of the biggest is that vaping emits an odourless vapour that doesn’t adversely affect those around the vaper, unlike smoking which affects both the smoker’s lungs and the health of those around them. Vaping is more discreet; you enjoy marijuana through slim pens that you can hide in pockets and handbags without leaving any tell-tale smells.

While marijuana has several benefits, the drawback of smoking lies in the carcinogens that affect the lungs. Vaping, on the other hand, is a process of heating cannabis without burning it. Since there is no combustion, there is no smoke. The vaporizer turns the active ingredients into fine mist instead.

How Safe is Vaping?

Cannabis vaporizers are designed for inhalation, minimizing the ingestion of harmful toxins that are found in smoke, such as tar, carcinogens, and ammonia. Cannabis smoke is not as toxic as nicotine heavy cigarette smoke, but it still contains many harmful compounds and gases that can affect the lungs and trigger respiratory disorders, especially in those with bronchial allergies.

The U.S. National Library of Medicine found out in studies that vaporizing is safer than smoking when gender, amount of cannabis and smoking trends were taken into account. The results revealed that cannabis consumption is safer through a vaporizer and those with respiratory disorders can benefit by switching to vaping instead of using blunts, pipes, and joints.

Even when the same measurement of THC-heavy cannabis was vaped and smoked by the participants, the psychoactive effects varied between smokers and vapers, creating different levels of high. The carbon monoxide was significantly less in those who vaped in comparison to those who smoked. Consumers of vaping reported better flavour and odorless smoke as well as more effect.

For beginners, vaping is significantly simpler to use than smoking, as the vapour could be inhaled in short puffs instead of deep, long breaths. It also costs less in the long run since the slow heating technique allows a little bit of cannabis to go a long way.

Grinding 0.1 gm of cannabis in a portable vaporizer lets you enjoy three to four leisurely minutes of vape time as compared to smoking the same amount in a glass pipe that turns the bud into ash in less than 10 seconds. There is no harmful smoke or byproducts as well as prolonged-time for use. For both recreational and medical use, vaping scores over other ways of cannabis consumption.

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