Based out of our offices in the Gastown area of Downtown Vancouver (home to the world’s largest cannabis farmer’s market, 4/20 Vancouver), we’re different than an Online Dispensary in Canada.

HighClub carries everything from marijuana edibles online in Canada, including chocolate bars, cookies, pot brownies, candies, gummies and more, as well as CBD Oils in Canada to some of the highest quality weed strains you can find anywhere in Canada.

Looking for a safe, secure, and quick way to buy weed online in Canada? Well, you’ve found the best online dispensary in Canada to buy quality products from, including Indica weed, Sativa weed, Hybrid weed, Marijuana Edibles, CBD Oils, Vaporizers, Budder, Shatter, and so much more!

HighClub is a mail order marijuana service that allows Canadians to buy medical marijuana online in Canada and receive it in only 1-3 business days using Canada Post XpressPost shipping.

After you’ve selected the cannabis products you’d like to purchase, you simply go to your cart, checkout, and you’ll receive your Order Receipt by email with instructions on how send payment via Interac E-Transfer.

HighClub.ca is simply the safest and most secure way to purchase weed online in Canada.

Legal Notice: HighClub is solely a technology platform that connects licensed medical marijuana producers based in British Columbia and other areas in Canada to people who buy medical marijuana in Canada. We process orders on behalf of these vendors on our platforms who fulfill the orders of each HighBox as per the terms on our platforms. 

As we do experience high-volume here, we recommend the best ways to contact us is to send us an email at info@highclub.ca and leave us your question or to leave us a message using the chat service on the bottom right corner of the page.

While we try to respond right away, there are times when we are away from our desks or experiencing a busy part of the day here. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible and should not be longer than 24 hours in most cases.

Business Hours:

Monday-Friday:  9AM-430PM (Pacific Standard Time)

There are no returns permitted. All sales are final.

If the return is due to an error on our part, such as the incorrect product being shipped, you must report it either by email at help@highclub.ca, by using our live chat feature on the bottom right corner of the page, or by calling our toll-free number during business hours at 1-888-993-3304.

Our large (and growing) selection of marijuana includes what we call ‘BC’s Finest Bud’, which is the finest, hand-selected strains available from our network of the top marijuana producers based in BC, including award-winning, artisan, hand-trimmed cannabis flowers sourced at great prices.

Our comprehensive Quality Assurance and Control program ensures that all our products are rigorously tested by an independent, third-party laboratory for cannabinoid potency and a variety of microbial & chemical contaminants including mold, bacteria, and heavy metals.

*Please note: Flowers may not be exactly as shown online as we experience high-volume and bring in different batches of inventory regularly.

For every dollar spent, you receive 1 HighClub Reward Points. 

Every 100 points you earn is worth $2, which you can be applied as a credit towards future orders.

* This program is for a Limited Time Only and is subject to change at any time so please take advantage of this opportunity now while you still can. Store credit is not redeemable for cash at any time and is only redeemable while the program is still active. Our Coupon Codes are for Individual Use Only and cannot be used with the HighClub Rewards program.

The HighClub Partner Program at HighClub allows you to SAVE BIG from your friend’s cannabis habits!

If your referral makes a single-time purchase on our Online Dispensary Canadayou’ll earn 5% towards store credit for their order. 

* This program is for a Limited Time Only and is subject to change at any time so please take advantage of this opportunity now while you still can. Store credit is not redeemable for cash at any time and is only redeemable while the program is still active. 


Due to Canada Post not issuing a 72-hour strike notice on Monday (delaying any strike to negotiate further before taking any action), we have resumed Canada Post XpressPost as our sole delivery service, as it is a much faster shipping option than FedEx.

This will remain in effect until there is further notice provided by Canada Post regarding an upcoming labour strike.

Please note: HighClub will not be responsible for any delayed deliveries due to any issues with Canada Post or any upcoming strikes that may occur. While Canada Post states they will provide 72-hour notice for any strikes, labour stoppages may happen at anytime, which may cause delays in your deliveries if that case occurs.

If we receive your payment received overnight or in the morning time (we recommend before 12PM EST, though this is not guaranteed as per the note below) on a business day, in almost all cases, your order will be shipped out the same day.

* Please note: Due to very high-volume or other circumstances out of our control, it could be delayed up to two or more full business days, though that is not the normal case.

As per the information provided in the question above, if our orders have been cut-off for the day (which happens at the discretion of our shipping team and can be at any time of the day, usually close to 12PM EST), we do have to wait until we receive notice from our shipping team to process further orders, which can happen near the end of the day if they complete processing the day’s orders in time to process more, or else will be processed the next morning.

Canada Post states that their XpressPost Shipping service usually takes approx. 1-3 business days in Canada, depending on your specific location in Canada. There are rare occasions that it can be a day or so longer, though up to 3 business days is what we see in most cases.

We can also offer Canada Post Priority shipping, which usually takes 1-2 business days, for an additional $75.

As Canada Post is a separate entity with their own delivery systems and employees, we cannot guarantee their delivery timelines and provide their tracking information as soon as possible to help you track your delivery at any time.

HighClub offers the lowest flat rate in the industry. We offer one flat shipping fee of $13.95 for our standard shipping option, which is Canada Post’s XpressPost delivery service.

We currently offer Free XpressPost shipping on all orders with a minimum subtotal of $149, including with any discounts applied to the order.

Please note: Your subtotal must be a minimum of $149, which includes any discounts applied. If you choose to apply a discount which brings your subtotal below $149, our Free Shipping promo will not be eligible.

We require a signature for every delivery. If you would like to request no signature on delivery or any other important delivery notes, please enter the notes when checking out your subscription order. Please note: As we require signatures for every delivery, we will not take responsibility for any package that is not delivered to the customer, either due to it being lost, stolen, an issue with Canada Post, or for any other reason, hence we recommend that you keep the signature option as is. 

If we are out of stock of a certain product ordered, we reserve the right to ship a similar product of equal or greater value, such as a similar product/strain or different flavour, without notice.

We ask that you send an email to info@highclub.ca with the following information:

  • Your Order #
  • Your Name
  • The Date You Received Your Order
  • The Issue with Your Order Delivery

We have to report the issue to management to have this resolved correctly. This process itself may take 1-2 business days.

We ship to any address within Canada including, but not limited to:

  • British Columbia ( BC )
  • Alberta ( AB )
  • Saskatchewan ( SK )
  • Manitoba ( MB )
  • Ontario ( ON )
  • Quebec ( QC )
  • Newfoundland – Labrador ( NL )
  • Nova Scotia ( NS )
  • New Brunswick ( NB )
  • Prince Edward Island ( PEI )
  • Yukon Territory ( YT )
  • Northwest Territories ( NWT )
  • Nunavut ( NU )

Including the great cities of:

  • Toronto
  • Montreal
  • Vancouver
  • Calgary
  • Winnipeg
  • Halifax
  • Ottawa
  • Edmonton
  • Quebec
  • Fredericton
  • Saskatoon
  • Whistler
  • & Anywhere else within Canada