Cannabis candies have certainly become a viable option for many first-time, part-time or all-the-time marijuana users. Cannabis gummies are the perfect sweet treat that simultaneously helps treat chronic pain, reduce anxiety and insomnia, and leave you feeling more content than ever. For many, smoking cannabis is not an option or they’d prefer something that goes down with ease. A sweet, marijuana-infused treat does just that! Eating even half a gummy is a quick, convenient and delicious way to get the best cannabis benefits.

Ample Flavour With A Great Cannabis Kick

High 420 is your source for marijuana candies and gummies online! Our inventory full of flavourful blasters and sour candies to chewy fruit-flavoured gummies, make for the perfect snack to end or start a day! These miniature sweets give you ample fruit flavour and the perfect cannabis kick you’re hoping for. Whether you’re using these candies for a celebration with friends, to finish off a hearty meal or for Netflix and chill, enjoy them in a space you’ll be comfortable in.

Premium, Potent and the Perfect Snack

Browse through our wide variety of delicious cannabis-infused candies and gummies to find the perfect snack shipped right to your door! Our mail-order weed online shop offers several potent, high-quality cannabis products we know you’ll love.

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