CBD vs Pain Killers

When it comes to chronic pain, many people wonder whether cannabis can be a substitute for pain killers and which option is best.

Tylenol, ibuprofen, morphine and codeine are all considered pain killers and it’s important to know that they come with risks and side effects. One of the main concerns is developing an addiction or the misuse of these painkillers, which can result in death. Depending on the type of medication you are taking, even a small amount could prove fatal depending on its potency. Opioid addiction, in particular, is a serious problem which is why there is growing concern over this type of painkiller and the risks associated with

Over the counter drugs like Motrin, Tylenol and Advil can also cause serious issues and contrary to popular belief, they can be harmful. Side effects may include allergic reactions, gastrointestinal
problems, kidney damage and high blood pressure to name a few. They are also only effective for mild pain and are not strong enough to be considered effective when it comes to chronic pain and
post-surgical treatment. For these reasons, CBD is becoming a better option and is known to reduce pain symptoms which is why it just may be the better answer.

There are a number of benefits to CBD and it is being used for chronic pain management as well as specific medical conditions. It is commonly used as a form of treatment for patients suffering from chronic back pain, muscle spasticity, acute injury and pain related to inflammation. Patients with cancer also use CBD to help them with pain relief because it is effective and helps them deal with the side effects of their disease. Neuropathic pain is another form of pain that stems from a malfunction within the central nervous system and CBD has been known to effectively treat this type of pain as well.

One of the reasons more and more patients are turning to CBD as a solution is because it is effective and helps with a wide range of issues so more and more people can use it to help treat whatever condition they may have. More and more people are realizing that CBD has fewer side effects than pain killers do and provides patients with the results they are after when dealing with chronic pain. While CBD affects everyone differently, it is a safe option so it’s worth a try at the very least to see if it can relieve you of
some of your pain.

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