5 Benefits of CBD Chocolate

There is something extraordinary about chocolate. It’s a comforting food—think brownies, cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies—yet also somehow sexy and sensual. In the culinary world, it is considered sophisticated, a key ingredient in both sweet and savoury cooking. With a long, rich history, chocolate is an integral part of many cultures and was at one point considered the most valuable resource on the planet. 

Chocolate has been relevant in food, medicine, and culture for millennia. And while the idea of adding CBD to chocolate is nothing new, it is only recently that products containing the cannabinoid have become commonplace. Channels through which to buy cannabis edibles online are constantly growing, thanks to the ever-mounting pile of evidence confirming the countless health benefits CBD offers. 

But it isn’t just the benefits that make CBD chocolate so great! The ease and accessibility, the flavour, the discretion—all these things make CBD chocolate an ideal option for almost any cannabis consumer.

Cannabis and Chocolate? 

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Of course, there are always outliers, but in general, it is near-universally loved. Part of many international cuisines, chocolate has its place in savoury cooking, but sweets and dessert are where chocolate really shines. The combination of cocoa, fat, and often sugar is one of the most easily recognized confections around the world. 

What’s more, it’s dynamic! It can be melted, shaped, tempered. It can take on different forms, liquid or solid, envelope other foods or give them structure. And since chocolate works well with so many flavours, you can combine it with a million different ingredients. Add a hint of cream and you’ve got yourself a truffle. A pinch of sea salt? Everything is amplified. Nuts, berries, botanicals—it all works!

What else is just as dynamic? Cannabis. Much like chocolate, it too goes from plant to product, taking on many forms and offering a variety of medicinal and recreational benefits. CBD, the aforementioned cannabinoid, is one of the main active chemicals offering health benefits, yet unlike THC, it is non-psychoactive. This means that consuming CBD chocolate will not cause any intoxication while still providing healing and relief.

Five Reasons to Buy Cannabis Edibles Online



Of all the factors that make CBD chocolate desirable, this one is probably the most obvious. Tinctures and oils work well, but they don’t always taste the best, leaving consumers wanting for something that is both efficient and enjoyable.

Enter CBD chocolate! With flavours ranging from common dark and milk chocolates to the more radical espresso, Oh Henry, and cookies and cream types, the plethora of magical things made with chocolate is seemingly endless. And although most chocolate is made with sugar, there are new sugar-free, dairy-free, and vegan options allowing CBD fans of all walks to enjoy the delicious treat.

Please note: the above-linked flavours contain THC, which is psychoactive.

Health Benefits

CBD chocolate contains therapeutic components that can help a massive catalogue of ailments, both physical and mental. Among CBD’s most well-known attributes are its anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities, along with its calming and mood-boosting components.

Consumed as chocolate, edible CBD can support people with a number of ailments. This includes mental health concerns like anxiety, depression, and insomnia, to physical issues like arthritis and chronic pain, to neurological issues like epilepsy. 

CBD is an invaluable alternative to many mainstream medicines and treatments, as it is generally well-tolerated. Unlike many mainstream pharmaceuticals, especially in regards to anti-inflammatories and painkillers, CBD does not cause the same degree of harmful side effects. Plus, in the dawn of post-legalization, it is easy to access CBD products, whether you’re seeking edibles or looking to buy CBD online in Canada.


CBD chocolate is an accessible method of obtaining the positive elements of CBD without inhaling cannabis products. For many, smoking or vaping is out of the question. This could be because of their age, preexisting health conditions, spiritual or religious beliefs, or simply a preference. No matter the reason, CBD chocolate allows for easy consumption without the potential for harmful side effects associated with smoking. 

It is also easy to use. Smoking cannabis requires some sort of equipment, whether it’s papers, a pipe, or a lighter, and often requires extra steps such as rolling a joint or packing a bowl. Even vaping requires a charger and can leave you without CBD if your battery runs out. Chocolate? Simply unwrap and enjoy!


Chances are when you see someone eating chocolate, you don’t immediately think cannabis. To most people, chocolate is just chocolate. And while the stigma around cannabis has largely dropped in the past few years, there are still those who believe all products containing cannabis derivatives are “evil” or somehow dangerous. 

Unfortunately, some people are prone to criticism and will subsequently shame or chastise cannabis consumers. Any manner of inhaling cannabis produces smoke or vapour and an unmistakable smell that many associate with the idea of a burnout stoner. Alternatively, CBD edibles offer quick, easy, and discrete (not to mention delicious) consumption that derails that taboo, allowing those in need to reap benefits without judgement.

Precision Dosing

While droppers can be messy, who doesn’t want to eat chocolate? Much like the traditional methods of delivery, CBD chocolate allows for an exact dose without the typical downsides like spillage. As noted above, their portability allows for discrete transport and consumption, something simply not offered by droppers. 

Capsules are available, but their price point is higher, and, unfortunately, not everyone can swallow pills. Chocolate on the other hand? Inexpensive, a joy to eat, and perfectly precise.

Remember, a bit of chocolate is good for you, but it must be eaten in moderation. The same goes for CBD. As with most things, consuming too much can counteract the positive aspects, replacing relief with an uncomfortable experience. Once CBD hits a certain threshold, effects begin to diminish. The solution? Know your limits and dose accordingly.


How to Make CBD Chocolate

CBD chocolate is easy to make, as long as you have the right ingredients and a little bit of patience. Obviously you’ll need chocolate, but did you know you can buy CBD oil online too?


The Easiest CBD Chocolate Recipe


  • Chocolate – 1/2 cup + 1Tbsp chocolate chips – OR – two 45g chocolate bars 
  • CBD oil – 1/4 cup
  • Water – 1 cup


  • Stovetop
  • Small pot
  • Heat-friendly glass or metal bowl
  • Chocolate moulds 


  • Add water to pot on stovetop and bring to a boil. Place bowl over water to create double-boiler.
  • Place chocolate and oil in double-boiler and stir constantly until melted.
  • Once melted, remove from heat immediately to avoid seizing, pour into moulds, and place in fridge to allow chocolate to set.
  • Enjoy!

Where My Chocoholics At?

Of all the cannabis edibles you can buy online, CBD chocolates are by far some of the best. They’re efficient, discrete, and lack many of the negative side effects that are common with smokable cannabis products. Above all, they taste fantastic. Time for a snack!

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